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We love what we do. We are a team of experienced and passionate individuals with different backgrounds combing management consulting with extensive IT operations experience. We excel at bridging business requirements with tech and security. With our co-creation teams, we develop products and services which help our clients get ahead of the curve

Our diverse team is internationally experienced and has a wide range of skills in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation


Andreas Flegel

Andreas Flegel has a track record of more than 20 years in consulting, mainly in management consulting. His main focus areas are Digital Transformation, Performance Management, Supply Chain Management and Program Management

He gained working experience in Europe, North and South America and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore)

Andreas has a proven track record of success leading international teams through complex projects and programs. He helped business leaders improve the way they do business, extract greater value from existing budgets and resources, and overcome productivity challenges

Andreas led different departments focusing on Performance Management, Business Intelligence and BPM in different industries

Kay Wolf

Kay is an innovative and highly experienced Senior IT Management Consultant in the areas of IT strategy, IT Security, IT Governance, IT operations processes, Business Technology and IT migrations.

A well-recognized thought leader, subject matter expert and project manager with over 20 years of experience across multiple industries including Manufacturing, Communications, Defense & Governance, Finance & Insurance, Energy and Consumer & Transportation.

Demonstrated ability helping organizations across multiple industries to improve IT operational management processes and create architectural designs. Filed patents for Hewlett Packard for Single Point of Failure analysis and IT Risk Management, publications about IT Incident Management. Recognized with High Impact Award and the Hero Award of Electronic Data Systems Corp.

Our Partners

Our Partners