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Hard Coded Credentials for Dummies

Hard Coded Credentials for Dummies or  How to not unknowingly, accidently and unconsciously reveal all your passwords and secrets to bad people  Credentials or passwords are the integral part of online and software world. In the simplest example they are the key protecting your “online house” such as Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. And even in these cases, where they protect “just” your private data, a lot damage can be done […]

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Password leaks and how to deal with them

Introduction  At the beginning of April 2021, information was published that personal data of more than 500 million Facebook users had surfaced in a hacking forum. Although this data dates back to 2019 according to Facebook, it could still be used today for the purpose of further attacks [1]. However, Facebook is by no means the only […]

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Chemical sites and IT security: Too many cooks spoil the broth

74% of all cyberattacks are directed against the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, according to a study by the Criminological Research Institute of Niedersachsen. This gives food for thought due to their handling of hazardous materials as well as a corporate structure that often makes it difficult to deal with cybersecurity in a state-of-the-art and uniform […]

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The missing link in the chain: Cybersecurity in the value chain

Security is often not considered in digitization initiatives or in the best case after only implementation, which results in a major loss of efficiency and causes high costs. Cybersecurity belongs in the process of digital transformation of companies from the very beginning. Silo thinking versus digital security When implementing digitization projects, companies often consider the […]