Cyber & Information Security

We help our clients design and implement a highly resilient and efficient security program. We help consolidate security tools and processes, uplift the maturity level of existing security programs, support end-to-end transparency, and ease the design and transition to a new security operating model.

It is essential that CIOs, CISOs and business leaders align a security program not only to mitigate risks, but to help empower business to accelerate growth.

Cybersecurity and information security are two terms often used interchangeably; however, they are not the same.

While the value of the data is the biggest concern for both, in information security, the primary concern is protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. In cybersecurity, the primary concern is protecting unauthorized electronic access to the data. In both circumstances, it is important to understand what data, if left unprotected, can damage your organization the most.  Developing a security framework with proper controls in place to prevent unauthorized access, will help keep your data safe.

With our cybersecurity framework, we developed a proven methodology based around three components: business, threats, and capabilities. The methodology recognizes that organizations can only make informed, strategic decisions about where to invest in their cybersecurity capabilities when they understand what they need to protect and their level of exposure to different threats.

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