Safe on the road on the cyber highway of the future

“We need to take care of our cybersecurity …” This phrase is repeated often enough in organizations….everyone agrees, but in the end, only the ostrich defense is deployed which is no defense at all. But where do we start? What is the cost? Along the entire value chain? And who will support us in the process?

No chance for hackers

If you want more cybersecurity in your company, you need an IT solution that helps global companies reduce their hackability along the entire value chain. Managing this hackability effectively and efficiently to reduce it to a safe level should be the goal of all Internet security tools deployed. Software that continuously monitors an organization’s hackability and actively seeks time-sensitive and appropriate remediation is the tool of choice.

Fear is not a good advisor

Many businesses today feel much the same way. Fear of a hacking attack – of losing knowledge and data or running into even more serious problems – often puts companies in a state of shock. Where do I start? Which areas are particularly at risk? Which are the most important? Along a company’s entire value chain, there are many gateways for dangerous hacking. The mountain seems so large that the first step is never taken, leading to a head-in-the-sand type of paralysis. In addition, security testing adds to the uncertainty: Active pentests and red teams almost always find ways to break into an organization, largely regardless of the level of cyber investment. Thanks to data-driven modern technology, this fear cycle can be broken, helping to deploy cyber budgets in effective ways and invest in long-term hackability reduction. Doing the right thing the right way! The idea is to replace crippling cyber-insecurity with a clearly defined metric, hackability, to safely and cost-effectively remedy based on analysis.

Cyber risks in many areas

The different dimensions of companies operating internationally invoke different cyber risks. These may include exposed configuration interfaces, reused passwords, missing patches, unsupported or outdated technology, inadequate access restrictions, and more. Modern data-driven security software analyzes, assesses, and informs how or how easily hackers can penetrate enterprise systems. Using artificial intelligence, it points directly and automatically to actionable steps that increase resilience against hacker attacks. Focuses on the highest priorities. The severity of non-critical findings is reduced, leading to meaningful clustering for remediation teams.

TIP: Are you interested in modern cybersecurity that covers your entire value chain, sets meaningful priorities, and can be implemented quickly and efficiently? e2 Security consultants would be happy to inform you about this software, our approach and the positive outcomes. The reduction of complexity in Internet Security, along with protecting the data security of your company in the long term and pragmatically along the entire value chain, is the goal.


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