Digital transformation affects all sectors of the economy and changes our lives, work and communications. Today it is no longer a matter of choice – it is inevitable, necessary and unavoidable. It is a process that starts from the moment when the organization starts thinking about the introduction of digital technologies in all areas of business and lasts until the moment of their full integration. However, the digital transformation also involves individuals: it is not enough just to introduce digital technology into business, it is also important to educate employees. The areas it covers are really numerous, from digital marketing, digitalization and automation of business processes, digital procurement, digitalization of sales representatives, Big Data and so on. In the process of digital transformation, we want technology to enable customers to search for what they want, whenever and however they want – to change all forms of business and processes in which employees of the organization interact with its customers. Each organization is individual, so the development path of digital transformation of each organization is different. The biggest problem is that decisions related to the introduction of new technology are still being postponed, but we are here for you.

As different as the effects of digitization on companies are, so are the needs of the various industries. Use the experience of our industry experts for your company. We know what to expect. Whether chemicals, automotive or public companies. Digitization is already having an impact on almost every industry. However, a chemical company is confronted with completely different requirements than an automotive manufacturer or its suppliers. e2 Security offers individual and well-thought-out solutions. From digital strategy to automated IT Operations, we consider the entire value chain. Most Important, we drive Digital Transformation by building security directly into business value chain.

Integration of security into all areas of digital technology, resulting in fundamental changes to how security is architected, deployed, and operated. At the same time, Security Transformation is more than just technology – it’s also about changing how teams work. With the wide range of different technologies being adopted under the banner of Digital Transformation, the different teams associated with key projects – applications, networking, platforms and security – all need to work together to achieve a common goal: a successful and secure Digital Transformation.

We help to translate our client’s business strategy into tangible digitization and/or cyber & information security initiatives. With our strategy & operations background we can support our clients from the start, defining together an aligned roadmap incl. the milestones, delivering the necessary project plans and execute the projects to success. We strongly recommend building cybersecurity directly into business’ value chain from start, ideally in the planning phase of the digital transformation program.

Our project managers are well experienced and familiar with modern project management methodologies such as PMI or PRINCE2. Regardless whether it is waterfall, hybrid or pure agile, our project managers will support our clients to be on time, achieve quality and stay on budget. No matter if they support a 3-month assignment or an entire transition program over several years. We partner with your people from the beginning, give them key roles, and support them with training and access to plans and tools. When the project nears completion, they’re ready to take over.

A new idea requires many different aspects to be reflected on, before the new product or service is ready to launch.  With our proven approach and methodologies, we can support our clients in the development of new services or products and deliver the necessary guidance along the way.

Efficient and effective processes tailored to industry needs, are key for every company. We have years of experience focusing on end-to-end processes mainly in security, operations, IT-operations and supply chain by bridging business requirements with technology. We help clients introduce new technologies and help adapt existing processes into smart processes through automation and lean methodologies.

For today’s companies, modern workplace means increasing the mobility, data security, teamwork and creativity, and of course, the productivity of its employees. Most companies ask themselves how they can meet the digital transformation and the ever-increasing demands on hardware and software by employees and business processes. The answer is workspace-as-a-service.  The workplace as a service is a fixed-rate solution that takes advantage of cutting-edge applications such as Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is the currently most advanced, intelligent software for teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and productivity on the market. It is an important part of the Modern Workplace. Office 365 represents a complete, intelligent workplace brings the vision of the modern workplace in reach for every company. We help our clients to transition to a modern workplace without high costs and without turning your entire company inside out. Equip your company with the latest hardware and licenses and conveniently pay monthly during the entire term.

End-user readiness is key for a smooth transition during a digital transformation or cyber & information security initiative. We know which change management activities must be considered and we will adopt these to your preferences. Thus, continuous communication to all related stakeholders will bring transparency from start to overcome misinformation and potential reluctance. Our change experts are familiar with the set-up of suitable communication plans and trainings, considering modern and reasonable approaches and methodologies like design thinking and PESTLE.

Reducing the complexity across the entire security landscape is key to create readiness to become more efficient and scalable. Our clients staff needs a concentric community approach, stakeholder buy-in to enable digital learning. We create persona-based experiences and are part of people’s engagement journeys to validate the specific training projects and enablement requirements across all stakeholder groups. E2Security makes sure everyone at our clients understands the business mission, feels connected to security, and gets the right support to contribute their bits and bytes to the training project’s success.