e2 Security offers a wide range of competencies, tools and approaches to help companies innovate on the right scale in the areas of cybersecurity and digital transformation. In this way, our clients can continuously achieve outstanding results using our product and service offerings. We regularly update existing services or innovate new products to stay leaders in our core competencies.

Security Maturity Index enables a secure Digital Transformation. To identify improvement potential in security posture, we developed the Security Maturity, offering a standardized approach to derive a security maturity level. Assessing your Security Maturity is just one of six building blocks to successfully managing your secure digital journey. It is accompanied by combining a Security Vision with Strategy and quantification of use cases. When entering the more operational phases of secure digital strategy execution, clients will strengthen their ‘digital backbone’, adapt their organization and finally set up their integrated digital operating model which is secure from day one.

The Cloud Security Framework incorporates a proven methodology based around three components:

  • business,
  • threats
  • capabilities

The methodology recognizes that organizations can only make informed, strategic decisions about where to invest in their cybersecurity capabilities if they understand what they need to protect and their level of exposure to different threats.

We have developed a modular concept for cybersecurity threat modelling. This approach enables us to consider and test for the latest threats. Our experts are equipped with simulation tools allowing us to test real-world threat scenarios.

Our network engineers have decades of experience designing and implementing secure, high volume enterprise networks. We start with a thorough assessment of your business, because we know how important it is for you to have a clear, documented breakdown of strengths and weaknesses along with measurable and actionable solutions. If you currently have an under-performing network, we will suggest concrete action items to upgrade your infrastructure, and as a result, mitigate any latency issues impacting your business all while helping secure your network traffic.

Bug Bounty is not new, but an outstanding opportunity to scale penetration testing. We use the Bug Bounty principle on request as an additional measure to bullet proof sensitive applications. Of course, these services will be integrated into our 360-degree vulnerability approach on request and based our clients risk appetite. At the beginning of a new program we identify together with our clients the customized services to best support the required outcome.

Professional mainframe services make operations easier, save costs and create space for innovation, but Mainframe is legacy and its importance is consequently decreasing. Customers are still transitioning business critical applications to modern platforms or to the cloud. For our clients who are still running Mainframe for their business-critical applications we offer a pool of experts as a service with flexible support to meet your enhancement or adjustment requirements. Thanks to the expert pooling service, clients no longer need to worry about finding and retaining experts for the purpose of maintain legacy equipment.

Even now, one year after the release of GDPR, there is still a lack of clarity regarding the interpretation and implementation of its requirements relating to many data protection issues and processes. Official statements, guidelines and other publications from data protection authorities and other institutions are a valuable orientation tool when handling personal data. For the anniversary of the GDPR, we created the GDPR Compass to provide a systematic overview with links to these publications.