We create Cybersecurity

We drive digital transformation by building cybersecurity directly into your business value chain. Driven by a unique mix of experienced professionals, empowered by our creative approaches and proven methods, we work with you as a trusted partner to elevate the effectiveness of your digitalization and security initiatives and help transform them into sustainable secure business.

Trends and opportunities such as Cloud, Data Analytics, AI and IoT are inspiring companies to invest big in time, money and resources to digitize business and to automate operations while at the same time, cyber & information security requirements necessary to protect the business, its users and its intellectual property are demanding more attention than ever before. But are you approaching security the right way?

Security is often not a central part of business transformation, and often get overlooked until later stages of a project or after a new digital product or system has been developed. This oversight increases the cost of projects significantly, often delaying them due to last-minute security considerations. A common error is that product development and security groups are organized in independent functional silos with different objectives, priorities, and opinions. Recent studies indicate that more than 70% of data breaches result from organizational failures, process failures or people oversights.

Companies need to embrace the opportunity to build cybersecurity directly into every business initiative before it is too late. Think end-to-end. Take a holistic and differentiated approach towards cybersecurity.

That is why we exist. Driven by our own desire for excellence, e2 Security professionals are here to ensure your organization achieves its digital goals.

Safety First! Cybersecurity in times of Corona

Safety First! Cybersecurity in times of Corona

For more than a year now, more people worldwide have been working from home offices than ever before. The digitalization of the home has been turbo-charged, but the poor interconnections to companies have often been overlooked...